Welcome to AYRCOB/GIW 2016

The 10th AYRCOB/GIW2016 in China
October 2-5, 2016
at Fudan University, Shanghai, China

The Asian Young Researchers Conference on Computational and Omics Biology (AYRCOB) is a conference series for young researchers and students who are conducting their research in the fields of Computational, Omics and Systems Biology in Asia. The 10th AYRCOB will be held on October 2 (Sun), 2016 at Fudan University in Shanghai, China.

AYRCOB began as a joint conference between young researchers from Japan and Chinese Taipei in 2007. Since the first conference, AYRCOB has invited more young researchers across Asia. With this outstanding effort, AYRCOB has expanded to 5 organizing countries/region (China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Chinese Taipei). AYRCOB has invited more than 60 leading researchers, and collaborated with top-ranking conferences in the field of bioinformatics and computational biology. This year, we are happy to collaborate with International Conference on Genome Informatics 2016 (GIW2016, Oct 3-5, Shanghai), the longest running international bioinformatics conference (http://admis.fudan.edu.cn/giw2016) held at the same venue.


10th AYRCOB committee/ participants  at Fudan University 


25-Aug Submission deadline extended to  31th August
3-Aug Updated the registration information
31-Jul Started calling for abstracts
23-Jul Updated the Sponsor and local information
13-Jul Updated the keynote speaker information
7-Jul The page of submission have been updated
1-Jun The website of 10th AYRCOB has been launched


 Bioinformatics /Computational Algorithms /Evolutionary Biology /High-throughput Technology / Proteomics / Structural Bioinformatics /Systems Biology / Network Biology /Quantitative biology / Epigenetics / Transcriptomics / Metagenomics